Founded in the belief that the built environment needs to do more than address the functional needs of proposed spaces, our clients benefit from a wholistic approach to all that we do.  Because places and spaces must also speak to the values of global engagement, cultural competency, inclusion, sustainability and human performance, your benefit doesn’t stop when the project is complete.


    1935 Park Ave Apartments

    Minneapolis, MN, 
    Year: 2015 
    Firm: Design By Melo
    Role: Designer / Project Manager

    Believed to be the first modularly built multi-story structure in the urban core of the Twin Cities, 1935 Park Ave is contemporary and simple, maximizing the utilization of the site. The exterior material pallet is a mix of corrugated metal, brick and wood accents at key locations for visual appeal. The main entry is accentuated by a vertical dark metal “portal”. 


    Regional Acceleration Center Corporate Offices

    Minneapolis, MN
    Year: 2018
    Firm: design by melo
    Role: Designer / Architect

    The RAC Corporate offices invite, engages and honors it’s employees, associates and guests. As one walks into the space, the first thing to note is the astonishing view of downtown Minneapolis.

    The offices are places away from the windows with the purpose of sharing the most valuable characteristics of the space; the views and natural light. The siting areas along the windows offer multiple styles of working, along with the phone booths that allow for quiet work and privacy.

    The layout along with intentional elements within the spaces enables the RAC Corporate offices promote engagement, inclusivity, community creation, cultural sensitivity and sustainability.

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